MosaÏc's by Lolamoon


Marie Debaecker,
Complete artist creates jewelry and objects in Italian glass mosaic, mouth blown and using gold and silver leaf.
His technique and his material give his creations an extraordinary shine and shimmer, and his sense of color and composition make them very unique unique pieces.
Marie Debaecker, in an article by Le Républicain, by Ingrid Foyart:
The price may seem substantial for my creations but it is consistent with the cost of material such as gold or silver leaf that I import directly from Italy. These are semi-precious pieces. And connoisseurs know that the price is in line with the time I spend on my works.
As I often say, I don't have small hands working for me, I spend a week making a painting. I must say that what I prefer to make are the small pieces that require attention to detail such as pendants and I particularly like the artistic mosaic, but I am quite capable of making it functional. " The artist takes a quote from Charles Baudelaire to talk about his activity: " Beauty is always bizarre ", I try to arouse any emotion whatsoever. I prefer that people love or hate without being lukewarm. That my productions do not cause any effect is annoying for me.
I like to have strong reactions, whether positive or negative.
Indifference is terrible for an artist. I really aspire to pass on my passion for art and mosaic. "